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Benny is beyond pathetic. He is a sad little cuck who doesn’t even know how to fuck a woman. He probably wouldn’t even know how to fuck his couch. He’s an idiot. He is Ambers little pet who sits at the foot of her bed and waits for direction on what he needs to do next. Amber’s boyfriend is coming to fuck her. So that Benny can learn what sex is and how to fuck. Benny of course is in chastity, that’s the only way he can watch. Stupid pervert would end up cumming in his pants or getting his dick hard. EW Betas wear chastity. Amber has fresh used condoms filled with cum. Benny cocks his head back and Amber pours the warm load right into his mouth. Gosh, he’s so pathetic.

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Amber and Benny – Thats How a Real Man Fucks (HE HAD NO IDEA).mp4