This slave eats real shit! ALL of them) I will use a human toilet slave for 12 Days! Every day he will eat my shit or he will starve until I feed him again on the next day! This is DAY 4 , My slave is hungry. He uses to eat only my shit this week and now he is even more addicted to me. I was at the gym this morning and right after that still sweaty I am going to use him again. My feet stinks, my trainers too, my panties are wet and my armpits sweaty. Now I am going to make this bitch worship my feet and socks before I shit in his mouth. He is eating all again and I feed him with a spoon to be sure that he won’t miss anything. Of course, I beat him while he eats… he is not a human anymore so I can do whatever I want with him even if he doesn’t deserve it!

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