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Description: Coco is in her hotel, relaxing after a long seminar. She walks around the room pondering on what to do. She is dressed in her tight volleyball type short-shorts, lave thong, and a tight tank. Her long boots accent her sexy leg muscles. She figures it out as she looks at her own killer ass in the mirror. She climbs up on the soft bed for some solo action. She starts to rub herself, feeling her breasts getting aroused. She sees her thin, leather, belt on the nightstand. She grabs it and grins, knowing that it has helped her provide several orgasms before, especially when she is alone, and now she wants more. She plays with the belt, smacking her own ass and thighs, playing with her breasts, getting wetter. She loops the belt around her neck, pulling a little at first but tightening enough to make her tongue protrude, and eyes bug out and open. She chokes wildly as she takes her arms out of the straps and plays with her nipples. She works her hand down to her crotch where she rubs her pussy lips under her shorts and thong. She gets into it, choking herself and fingering herself, being so wet, the sounds of her fingers in and out echo in the room. She is trying to moan, choking, gasping, and bucking her hips into her own fingers. The harder she fingers the harder she pulls until the belt is too tight, and stuck. She thinks if she rolls over ass up, or back onto her ass it will loosen. She furiously rubs herself, two fingers penetrating as she is choking to death. her hand from from the death belt, she pinches her nipples, then grabs at the belt. Getting to her knees, she is cumming hard as she is dieing, tongue out, eyes wide, thrusting forward trying to buck free, but instead she falls to her face, her eyes open as she hits the soft bed. She titches, spasms ass up with her fingers in her pussy. Soon she is motionless. Her body is viewed as she lies still, face down in an awkward position. Hours later Chris and his video person arrive to get the picture, evidence, and make sure there are no loose ends. Chris is worried he will miss the nice summer surf if he does not do his job right. He bags her hands after he removes them from her pussy. They slide out with a slosh, still flooded with her juices. They get the evidence on video, and then bag her body for the full autopsy, soon to come.

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