Genre: Scat, Piss, Big shit, Lesbian, Smearing

It’s Carnival in Brazil and this party is known all around the world! A client had the desire to have six of our best girls taking good care of him, and that’s what they did. Wearing costumes and dancing some Carnival songs, these girls have a lot of fun making our dear client lick and kiss their feet. The whole party is amazing, but nothing compares to the moments where the girls piss a lot on his face, almost drowning him and taking turns on making him completely wet in the hot liquid.
Besides all of that, having the girls pooping a soft and stinky shit on his face and mouth was the best part to our client. They continued the party for some time, having him all covered in the brown pasty thing, dirty and satisfied. Don’t you wanna have an experience like that?

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MF-7642-1-1 – Nicole Alana Chim. Babi Saori Isabel – BRAZILIAN CARNIVAL A CLIENT S DREAM.mp4