It’s time once again for Kitten’s feeding. He is reluctant to eat because he saw my dinner last night and it was big. Although he’s nervous, he is very hungry and needs to be fed. I’m feeling a little mean though and I don’t want to make it easy for him.

I release my shit into his mouth and all over his face. It’s very goopy and has a strong stench that fills the entire room. He takes the first couple of pieces in his mouth but then I move my ass around and drop several turds on his nose and eyes. That’s just me toying with Kitten – I love seeing his face covered in my waste. Today is a little different, however.

After I finish my shit, I take my Doc Martens and smear the shit all over his face and make him lick it off the boot. Then I take my shit smeared boots and trample Kitten with them as he swallows down logs of shit. He gets compressed and bruised with my heavy boots and poop gets all over his chest and stomach. I can’t stop laughing at how pathetic he looks in this state. I make him lick some of the shit off of the floor and scold him for making such a mess, even though I’m the one putting him in this situation. He licks off the floor until I’m ready to trample him more.

I get close up with the 2nd camera to show off my work. He cries as I make him eat more pieces of shit off of his own face. He is in hell and I’m gleefully humiliating him. He is lower than dirt to me. I decide I’m going to continue trampling him until all the mess is wiped off his face and taken down his throat. The clip fades out as I trample him and he cries.

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