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Starring Violet.

He stops the blowjob right as he is about to finish. She does not want to go any further on the first date. He is not happy, and starts to grope for more, ready to fuck this hot horny bitch. But she resists and he lets his temper get the better of him, pushing her hard and she whacks her head on the table knocking her out.

He is surprised by what happened, but quickly decides to continue to explore her, especially now that she is quiet and not resisting. He uncovers her supple young breasts, then eats her juicy teen pussy. Finally he gets up on her, positions his engorged cock, ready to let it slide into her waiting hole-when she wakes up. They struggle and out of some repressed instinct, he somehow has a garrote and wraps it around her neck, strangling her. She struggles violently, her instinct, clearly to survive. But he is red with rage and continues to murder his date.

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