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Starring Fiona.

One minute, happy sex, the next, he spins her back around, roughly is on top of her, pounding her deep, while clutching her throat tight. It was clear, she was no longer having fun. In fact, it look very rough. But Rick figured it would be fine-especially after lessons learned from the other times. So, he headed out of the room to let him have his fun.

Daniel, with no one to stop him, squeezed harder as he plowed the petite, young, stripper. Her face looked a bit pink, but he was too busy enjoying himself to be concerned. The girls face contorted, her tongue reaching out, eyes squinting and widening. Her whole body struggled under his weight, as if she was trying to get free. But he felt too good to let her go. And in the end, as he watched the life ebb out of her, and her face just stared in a frozen gaze; he realized he learned nothing, but gained this fantastic feeling.

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