Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, Rape, Necro, Strangle, Snuff, PKF

Starring Ember Stone & Mary Jane.

Ember and Mary are popular cam-girls, as well as friends, who have worked together for years. They normally don’t do other people’s cam shows, but a man has offered them a great deal of money to make an exception. They appear in his studio, wearing only high heels and sexy lingerie, and perform a number of different sex acts, as dictated by the anonymous audience watching them remotely. What they don’t know is that the audience isn’t just paying to watch them fuck; they are also paying to watch them die.

The man renders them unconscious and ties one to a chair and the other to the bed. That’s when the bidding starts. The girls watch helplessly in terror as people from around the world bid on their lives, and the manner of their executions. Will it be the garrote? The gun? Will one have her neck snapped while the other gets the guillotine? Anything is possible, until the bidding stops. The only certainty is that this will definitely be their last show.

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