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Description: Starring: Marie McCray, Justin Syder

A young girl comes downstairs and discovers her strange neighbor in her living room. She grabs a knife and threatens him, demanding that he leave but he calmly walks over to her, trying to get her to relax, attempting to lower her defenses before he attacks. She backs up into the kitchen, still commanding him to leave but he is faster and manages to knock the knife out of her hand. He then grabs her and she struggles to escape, screaming and hoping someone will hear her. He forces her into the living room, first on the couch, then onto the living room floor. She struggles with him but he manages to lean his forearm against her throat as he tries to coral her thrashing legs. His body weight on her throat forces Marie to try and free herself so she can breathe. Justin continues to lean into her as he fondles her thrashing legs and plays with her pussy. Marie goes into seizure, her body trembling and thrashing uncontrollably from going into shock, drool spills out the side of her mouth. Justin continues to play with her, admiring her soft thighs, her whiteness and her breasts, not noticing she is still not noticing that he has stopped Marie’s breathing. The revelation of her death arouses Justin and he begins to caress her body. He takes the candle he lit earlier and passes it over her body in some form of ritual in an attempt to absorb her spirit into his, making her his slave. He then stands and looks over her body, promising her he will return before leaving.

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