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Description: Starring McKENZIE & RENO

Angelina Romano is the typical a young school girl who is completely unaware that the dark, perverted eyes of a killer has been locked on her sexy body for months. He lives in the complex right under the Romano’s and has watched her routines every day. It wasn’t enough for him to jack off each night thinking of her, now he had to have her. He waited because to him, today was the last day of her young life. He knew she would be feisty, would probably fight back. She was strong but he was a man and could handle her. He chloroformed her from behind as she appeared, taking out the garbage at the same time like clockwork. He was right, she was as strong as a young bull but he held onto her, hoping the chloro would take effect shortly. Soon the wildly kicking by her strong, sexy legs subsided.she was now his! He took her down a back stairwell, through a narrow corridor and into his dark home where he laid her out on the pool table. He fondled her soft, tanned breasts and traced her strong-featured face. She awoke as he forced his cock inside her tight pussy and started to thrust. She tried to fight him, to punch him. Her punches stung, she was strong for a young woman and could probably kick a man’s ass but not today.

He applied a strong grip on her throat to keep her under his control. He was fucking her and there was nothing she could do about it. She fought because his grip became tighter and tighter and she knew he was taking her down as he was getting off. She punched and tried to move her neck, she kicked her big legs outward and around him, but her squirming meant he didn’t have to thrust as much because her pussy muscles were tightening around his cock. Angelina became light-headed as he became stronger. She made one last attempt to fight him off then started to lose consciousness. Her body twitched as she felt his cock jam deep inside her, jolting her body up and down the pool table surface. She died just as she felt him fuck her harder then pull out and flood her flat belly with him hot cum. Once he was convinced he taken Angelina’s life, he let go of her then played with her body a little more before arm carrying her to a large storage unit and dumping her body inside to be disposed of at nightfall. They would be police questions but he was ready. The family would have to file a police report for a missing person but law required that she had to be missing for at least two days, which meant he had 24 hours to get rid of the body forever!

Contains: Quick Set-up, Chloroform, OTS Carry, Choking with Hands, Undressing, Live & Necro R, Body Disposal, Fondling, Some Twitching, Nudity

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Duration: 00:08:21

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