My stomach has been acting up and I haven’t been able to get my schedule back.. I’ve been craving to shit for you. I start out in my pj’s I have been holding my shit which is VERY hard for me in the morning.. I strip nice and slow and tell you how bad I want to show you my big load. After I strip down I sit forward and try and shit my stomach is acting up super bad. I turn around and it LITERALLY just pours out of me. It’s half runs half full and it’s amazing. THERE is so much!!! I point the camera to show you my load.. I clean it up off camera when I realize I have to go AGAIN! I face the camera and rub my pussy, It is SO creamy again I did not realize how creamy I was. I turn around after I let out some more shit and show off my asshole. You can see how much pussy cream is there. I can’t wait to have another load so I can play with my pussy next time and cum all over my shit.

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