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You must understand that when you become my toilet bowl, you will eat shit not only from me, but also from my slave girls. You’ll lie in the toilet and wait for one of us to come and shit in your toilet mouth. Here’s Maya shitting out copious liquid diarrhea from her ass, swallow faster, don’t keep in your mouth. And here’s Kat taking a shit and quietly smoking while flicking ash into your mouth. I won’t be angry with her for that. And of course I, shit a lot, juicy, your cheeks are swollen, chew, swallow my shit, enjoy
1. Eating Maya’s shit and diarrhea Latrine
Today Maya has diarrhea, today she has a lot of shit for you Latrine. Open your mouth, silence and take it all in your mouth, swallow all diarrhea and shit that gets into your mouth. I don’t care this it’s slippery, you have eat everything that they give you, because you toilet bowl, toilet, latrine. If you don’t eat, I’ll stuff all this shit down your throat with toilet brush
2. Well, got eat full, shit and diarrheas
Well, shit-eater, got eat full my shit and diarrheas. You’re gonna lie here in the toilet bowl all holidays and eat all shit that comes out of my ass and from my slave girl. You see how generous she is, she gave you diarrhoea from the ass when washed her ass for anal sex. Get used to it, now you are toilet bowl and you will drink and eat everything that you are given

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